Concrete, although one of the most common building materials today is little understood by the general public and indeed the concrete construction industry. Modern technology has allowed the development of a huge variety of construction processes using concrete in various forms, this website aims to educate people on some of the new building techniques have been developed that cannot only help the professionals out there but also help people who are considering house building using concrete.

Building techniques using Concrete Fence panels

concrete fence panels

One of the latest techniques to come from the construction industry, Is the use of concrete fence panels such as these These types of concrete fence panels, are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of ways. The beautiful part about using any type of concrete construction material is that you know it is not only strong and going to last fact it will also likely workout extremely cheap too.

Concrete panels function best when they are used vertically what I mean by this is when there stood upright they offer the greatest strength capabilities. These strength capabilities are further multiplied when the concrete in question has been prestressed, meaning it has been specifically engineered to be able to withstand large loads and many thousands of Newtons in force. In fact I would say that prestressed concrete panels are one of the most effective building materials out there in terms of value for money and safety levels.

What sort of projects could use concrete fence panels

Beyond the obvious of using concrete panels for fencing, they can also be used home effective wall paneling, the advantage being that you do not need to construct a wall and have to wait for the concrete and cement to set, you have a ready-made good to use material that can be constricted quickly and effectively. You’ll often find these types of building projects being Denon agricultural land where the emphasis isn’t on the prettiness or rebuild but rather its utility and function.

That being said it is becoming an increasingly prominent tool in the domestic builders Toolkit as well. Concrete fence panels, can make excellent perimeter fencing. I know what you are probably thinking at this point, that people are using green concrete panels in their homes? The truth is these days you can get elaborate Lee designed fencing panels that have intricate designs that are pleasing to the eye as well as the bank balance.

Concrete floor beams offer incredible strength to construction projects

When it comes to building a new home or perhaps even the latest skyscrapers, they are few materials quite like concrete floor beans in terms of the speed of use and supporting strength and load capabilities that they offer builders. Floor beams are useful in situations where you need to support an abnormally large load perhaps from a heavy building that is being constructed above. Being made from concrete ensures that they already have a high level of strength, there are also various techniques that can be used alongside them in order to further increase the strength and durability properties.

Many people will have used concrete beams in their homes, perhaps to strengthen top of a window or indeed provide the support necessary for reconstruction. Using precast concrete beams for flooring however is a relatively new technique that the building industry is increasingly turning to. The reason that this technique has proven to be so popular is again because of its low cost and hi benefit credentials.

concrete floor beams

concrete floor beams

Where should concrete floor beams be used?

A typical usage for concrete floor beans is in Block and beam floor construction. This involves using concrete blocks in order to strengthen the beam structure, This managing of both vertical and horizontal loads, which is useful for heavyweight construction jobs. The idea is that the load placed on top of the teams is spread evenly, meaning that no one part of the team takes all of the compressive load but rather the total area of the beam spread this weight and makes for an incredibly strong structure.

Again this method of using concrete can be further enhanced by compressing the concrete material prior to formation which ensures that the final product is even stronger than it would otherwise be.